Fort Lauderdale is a city located just about 23 miles north from Miami and was blessed with very nice semi-tropical weather. It’s position and climate are key to it being one of the favorite vacation spots. Formerly a big time Spring Break city, Fort Lauderdale has changed into a modern business city with arms opened to a tourist all year long. Sometimes they call it the Venice of U.S.A. due to city´s waterway system allowing all kinds of original things. You sure won’t find many cities with water taxi or or gondola rides available. Fort Lauderdale is a fresh and sunny (over 3000 sunny hours a year) getaway visited by about 10,000,000 people a year.

The city has a lot to offer, the Spring break fast foods and souvenir shops were turned into classy restaurants and luxurious boutiques offering well known fashion designers and jewelry pieces. Even shopping tours are offered for those, who aren’t that familiar with the area, but what’s more exciting than shopping at The Galleria by water taxi? Next on the list is the Sawgrass Mills, world’s largest discount mall, or how about Las Olas Boulevard known as the “style mile” by the locals. Catch some good deals, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a bite at one of many restaurants and enjoy.

Fort Lauderdale is a boat town. Other than a romantic gondola ride and a water taxi, they also call it the “yachting capital of the world”. Sail away for couple of hours, first enjoy the view at beaches, than mangroves and after you get a little bit hungry, maybe try some salt water fishing. If you are a fan of boats, the marinas in Fort Lauderdale are packed. You could spend a day walking around and enjoy man created beauties with the sound of ocean in the background.

Beach heaven is what it is. And there are several beautiful ones to check out. Pompano Beach is one of the warmest and clearest beaches in South Florida and offers plenty of water sports, or visit the Hillsboro Beach with a view of the Hillsboro lighthouse. As several others, the Hillsboro Beach is a nesting place for sea turtles and also a place where they born and make their run for water. People find the beach even just to see this magical moment. Deerfield Beach is one of the favorite sunny places especially because it is family friendly and also the Ski Rixen, a cable water ski park is a tourist-magnet. The Dania Beach Park is a quite a long piece of sand and supposably one of the prettiest and it is a gem yet to be discovered by larger masses of people. It also has a quite big of a pier with some food places, fishermen and sweet view.