List of our most popular destinations

Las Vegas Fort Lauderdale Las Vegas has inspired many of myths and legends. This is an ultimate entertainment city and it has it all. Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale is a city located just about 23 miles north from Miami and was blessed with very nice semi-tropical weather. It’s position and climate are key to it being one of the favorite vacation spots. Orlando Orlando Orlando is located in central Florida and it’s considered the world’s most popular family destination. Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona - City located at the heart of the Sonoran desert - considered the most ecologically diverse desert in the world. Boston Boston Its a paradise of museums, historical sights, and wealth of live performances, all explain why the city gets 16.3 million visitors a year, making it one of the ten most popular tourist locations in the country. Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver is a green city and offer about 190 parks within the area that provide relax and fresh oxygen. Toronto toronto There are plenty reasons to choose Toronto as your next destination. The city is filled with stylish restaurants, art galleries, theaters, historical monuments and entertainment. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco is a major city in California, the centerpiece of the Bay Area, well-known for its liberal community, hilly terrain, Victorian architecture, scenic beauty, summer fog, and great ethnic and cultural diversity. Quebec City Quebec City Quebec City is the only fortified city north of Mexico, with a historical character, promising a beautiful sightseeing experience. Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania state and a former capital of the entire United States. New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans is one of the most colorful, best smelling and pulsing city that you will ever step foot in to. Montreal Montreal Montreal is the only city, where half of the city speaks French and the other half English. At some point it probably was at the 50:50 line, but constant migration of people changes the numbers all the time. Key West Key West Key West or Island of Bones as Spanish used to call it when they first inhabited the island in 1500s. The island served numerous purposes throughout its history. Miami Miami It is a center of entertainment, culture, finances, media and international trade. The area offers number of opportunities for some quality shopping at one of Miami malls with world quality offerings inside. San Diego San Diego San Diego has been called "the birthplace of California". It is known for its mild year-round climate, natural deep-water harbor, extensive beaches, long association with the United States Navy, New York New York Welcome to the Big Apple - Known as the most vibrant city on the face of the Earth. Home of the New York Yankees and Frank Sinatra. Washington DC Washington DC Washington DC is the capital of the United states of America and it is located along the Potomac river. Some of the most treasured monuments of the nation are located here as well as all of the three branches of the government. Chicago Chicago It is home of the blues and the truth of jazz, the heart of comedy and the idea of the skyscraper. Chicago is extensive parklands, including 3,000 hectares of city parks attract an estimated 86 million visitors annually.