Key West or Island of Bones as Spanish used to call it when they first inhabited the island in 1500s. The island served numerous purposes throughout its history. At first, only a home to the pirates, later a naval base during the pirate hunt and now, it is a sought after destination situated as south within the U.S. as possible. It is considered to have one of the largest deep-water ports in the country. Primary industry has always been fishing all kinds of fish, sponges and lobster but today the core industry for the island is tourism. The port of Key West also is an important cruise-ship stop where tourists coming from ocean are being welcomed. Another way to get on the island was a railroad built in 1912 but after it being damaged by a hurricane, it was replaced by an Overseas highway in 1938.

Key West really is a paradise island. With its beautiful clean streets and lean back attitude - a perfect place for spending Your vacation. Many people will agree after even a brief visit and so did many famous people throughout the history. Probably the best known name with a connection to this island is Ernest Hemingway, who lived here for around ten years. It is well known, that a major part of his work was done here. Today, his house serves as a museum and it is a favorite place for weddings or corporate events. Museum is available to everybody through guided tours which gives You an inside into Hemingway’s life and personality. A must do experience for a Key West visitor. Hemingway wasn’t the only famous figure charmed by the place. Tennessee Williams has called this place home along with other artists and Harry Truman called it his “Little White House” retreat. Laid back attitude of Key West has without a doubt a positive impact on people. There must be a reason why more Pulitzer price winners lived in Key West than in any other city in the world.

The island offers many different alternatives for activities involving, sun, water and fun. Excellent weather 365 days a year, beautiful water and friendly smile wherever You look, sounds promising doesn’t it? From sunbathing on magical, sandy beaches all the way to exploring fascinating shipwrecks on the bottom of the ocean - everyone will find activity that suits him. Enjoy marine life from a glassbottom boat or take a fast action jet-ski tour along 25 miles around the island. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the jet-ski itself as well as the natural beauties. Or take on to a kayaking expedition with some snorkeling gear just in case You stumble upon something nice beneath. You can also rent a Crystal Kayak which is a combination of kayaking and glass-bottom view due to the fact, that these are see through kayaks. It goes without saying, how popular scuba diving is in this area with wonderful warm water and sting rays, jellyfish and all kinds of ocean life within Your surroundings. Discover Key West’s diverse marine ecosystem or dive deep to the USNS Vandenberg, a wreck, accessible within 50 but even 150 feet under the water due to its position on the ocean floor.