Montreal is the only city, where half of the city speaks French and the other half English. At some point it probably was at the 50:50 line, but constant migration of people changes the numbers all the time. Montreal also could be described as a mixture of a modern cosmopolitan, business busy city with the calm restaurants, cafes and patios with people relaxing in them after hours. It has a cosmopolitan life pumping in city’s vanes, but also a friendliness of a small town. Canadian cities have without a doubt been influenced by Europe in their architecture and culture and Montreal is no exception. And not only that, the city is bicycle friendly, eco-oriented which means nice, well kept and clean streets decorated with flowers and greenery.

Decorated with greenery and historic architectural pieces like Notre-Dame Basilica. Cobblestone streets will leave you there so don’t miss out on the prime Montreal site. This landmark was built in 1656 and it in fact has been the first catholic church in Montreal. Its interior made of wood, glass windows telling biblical passages and all the paintings quite contrast with the simple but masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture. The basilica is lighted in the evening for an intensive effect, so even if you for some reason don’t make it during the day, evening presentation will at least give you chance for a nice photo. Vieux-Montreal or the Old Montreal is a unique place, For once, it is one of the best preserved old town west of Europe and it is cultural and cosmopolitan at the same time. In this part of Montreal not only french and english is spoken, but you can easily hear spanish, portuguese or even Italian.

Many universities found their home in Montreal, therefore it’s a students city too. Needless to say, those students keep the nightlife going. The city feeds on culture, music and food. Plentiful restaurants, almost everyday going concerts, art shows and festivals plus local high end cuisine, these all make for a great visit. Montreal is located in Canada and as everybody knows, the weather can get a little chilly. The good thing is, that you can spend the entire day shopping without getting outside. Choose Montreal’s underground system of hotels, restaurants, stores and even more, connected with train stations beneath the streets.