Welcome to the Big Apple - Known as the most vibrant city on the face of the Earth. Home of the New York Yankees and Frank Sinatra. Two out of five boroughs are an island, that would be Staten Island and Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are in fact part of Long Island and the only mainland part of New York is Bronx. Get to know the city by your feet, double decker bus tour, ferry or even a helicopter ride. Manhattan has most of the famous sites to visit in New York City such as the financial center - the Wall Street’s investment banks, Trinity church and Ground Zero, which of course used to be the World Trade Center.

Some “must see” sites offer a glimpse to New York’s history. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of friendship between the United States of America and France. It was a gift from the French to honor this relationship. The Ellis Island played an important role in history of the city as well as country. Millions of immigrants came through here on their pursuit of happiness. Today it is a museum and instead of masses of immigrants, masses of tourists walk halls of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. There are ferry rides available that show you the downtown, skyscrapers and will offer a look at the Statue of Liberty and also visit the Ellis Island on the same trip. One shouldn’t miss the Rockefeller center - built during the Great Depression as well as the Grand Central Station - a major transportation hub, functioning as even more than that. Number of shopping and dining opportunities make this place way more than just a terminal. Despite couple of renovations that the Grand Central has underwent, it still has been able to maintain its Beaux-Art style. Should You want to escape the concrete jungle of a cosmopolitan mega city, the Central Park is here to save the day. Explore all of the 843 acres of nature and lakes in the middle of one of the greatest cities on the planet. Load your basket with food and head out there for a picnic. After some snacks, check out the Central Park ZOO, maybe take a boat ride on one of its lakes or choose a carousel to help you digest those snacks. For those, who may be interested in further exploration of the Park, guided tours are available to get all the interesting spots pointed out.

Central Park is an impressive place but do you know what is even more impressive? To see it from the top. To see that green strip in the middle of grey concrete. By the way the concrete has some impressive pieces too. Just to mention one - the famous and beautiful - Chrysler building. All these and more can be seen from the top of the Empire State Building. It is 1,454 feet (443 m) tall and offers a great view, over 80 years of tradition and it is one of the symbols of Big Apple.

Fun Fact: Fans of American author and humorist, the great Mark Twain might be interested in meeting the legend in person. Near the Fifth street, on 14th west and 10th street is a house in which Mark Twain used to live in, which is suppose to be haunted by him.