There are plenty reasons to choose Toronto as your next destination. The city is filled with stylish restaurants, art galleries, theaters, historical monuments and entertainment. On top of all that, it’s one of the safest and tolerant cities you can possibly visit. Start with a visit to the CN Tower, walk on glass floor and enjoy the view of entire metropolitan area. Taste a piece of history at Casa Loma a European gothic style castle with almost 100 rooms, secret passages, an 800 feet long tunnel or the conservatory. Anywhere you move, there’s a piece of history, from the wooden, artistically carved furniture, to majestic chandeliers or artifacts telling the castle’s story.

Toronto also offers some fun at Canada’s Wonderland with about 68 different rides, water park and altogether over 200 attractions set on 330 acre piece of land. This is an all friendly place, where small kids can have fun along with their parents or anybody between that. Offering a variety of live shows, refreshments but mainly a huge variety of roller coasters, and thrill rides, this is a place that you will enjoy for the entire day. At least one. If you fell like enjoying some beaches, greenland and nature, take a ferry to the Toronto Island. Enjoy the laid back soul of this place and after you’ve had enough walking, picnicking or beach activities, take a look at the Centerville amusement park. It offers several rides suitable for children as well as for the adults. The Centerville train helps you navigate and travel through the park. The island also offers about 5 hiking trails so get at least a day spared in your calendar.

Take a bus tour of the city and enjoy the comfort of typical british double deckers. Buses are available with a professional tour guide full of interesting information and once you get a ticket, you can use it for up to seven days. With 24 designated bus stops, it is the very best way to cruise the city wherever you may want and plus get a considerable view at the city from the roofless bus. Many people believe, that the Canadian national sport is the ice hockey. Even though it’s actually curling, the ice hockey has spread a lot more and therefore the common mistake. A hockey fan shouldn’t miss the Hockey Hall of Fame a place with huge collection of the sports artifacts from around the globe, including the NHL trophies, original jerseys, huge replica of the NHL dressing room and more.