Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania state and a former capital of the entire United States. The city has played a significant role in history of the country. Many buildings are here to witness. It is home to the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence. When still a part of the United Kingdom - Philadelphia was actually the second largest city after London. One of the oldest art museums in U.S. is located in Philly. It is the Philadelphia Art Museum which features a world class collection of art pieces by local artists as well as pieces from all over the world.

For a taste of American history visit the Independence Hall, where spirit of Franklin lives on and reminds the nation of his forever valid message. In the tower of the Independence Hall You will find another iconic item - the Liberty Bell famous for summoning citizens of Philadelphia to listen to the Declaration of Independence for the first time. The bell was actually named the Liberty Bell some years later by the abolitionists, who chose it as a symbol for their movement. Visit the Sesame Place which is a theme park based on a well known show - the Sesame Street. Enjoy the fun rides, tasty refreshments and the furry characters from the show. This is a place where You can spend an entire day.

Another place to visit is the Reading Terminal Marker - the oldest one You can find actually. It opened in 1892 and it still has the charm from the old days. Taste local products as well as those imported. Give the local cuisine a try too. By the way, have You ever heard of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich? While in Philly, You better try one out. It is well known all over the country and they also serve it nation wide. Nevertheless, the original comes from Philly and it definitely should be tasted here. The sandwich itself is a mixture of fresh beef, butter, cheese with some onions and peppers on top. Hungry already? After the fantastic meal, it is time for some dessert. Gelatos, sorbets and ice cream - those are just some recommended choices in the great city of Philadelphia. Especially the gelato making process in certain places could be considered art. Visit the Philadelphia Zoo for an experience to remember either with Your family, or just by Yourself. Discover the rich choice of exotic and local animals and try out the swan boat ride, balloon ride or a Victorian-style train.