Vancouver is a city located in the Pacific Northwest, only about 2 hours drive from Seattle, in province of British Columbia. Surrounded by water, city offers a mild climate and on of the environments for life. The city has hosted some international conventions, conferences as well as the 2010 Winter Olympics. Urban cosmopolitan face of Vancouver goes hand to hand with its rich natural surroundings.

Vancouver is a green city and offer about 190 parks within the area that provide relax and fresh oxygen. Visit cleanly maintained gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park or or the world known Stanley Park - one of the biggest urban parks in the world with natural coast rainforest ecosystem located right next to the downtown. The park offers dining opportunity, tennis court, local artists and a miniature train offering 2km long ride to enjoy the Stanley Park without getting tired. VanDusen Botanical Garden representing ecosystems from all over the world. Check out the Bloedel Conservatory which is a all year opened tropical paradise with over 500 exotic plants and 100 birds of all colors. Whales appear on the coastline in the Pacific NorthWest and can be seen pretty often. Local operators offer boat cruises to seek after these majestic creatures and watch them in their natural surroundings. Especially exciting is watching the killer whales, known even from movies.

Kitsilano is an area of the city named the same as it’s city beach, which is among the top urban beaches of the world. This part of town offers plenty of upscale stores and restaurants adding to the beach - it makes for the perfect area to stop by. The friendly West End located right next to the downtown is well known for its pubs, clubs and just places to get a cocktail and spend the evening getting tuned to the vibe it creates. Vancouver offers entertainment on high level. From high level theaters to casinos, and major sporting events, Vancouver has it all. Catch a ballet or an opera if you like dressing up for the evening, or catch the Canucks game at Rogers Arena. Some call Vancouver the Hollywood of north because of its film festivals and rich comedy scene.