Washington DC is the capital of the United states of America and it's located along the Potomac river. Some of the most treasured monuments of the nation are located here as well as all of the three branches of the government. George Washington was given the opportunity to choose a city to become a capital for the nation - in those times divided between the north and south. The Mid-Atlantic location was chosen and also George Washington happened to live close by. The city has an unquestionable place in history of the country and many buildings prove that. Tourists will not miss out on seeing the United States Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and of course the White House, where President has his office.

The United States Capitol is located at the eastern end of National Mall next to the Potomac River. The building is a good example of 19th century neoclassical architecture combining ancient Greek and Roman elements in the structure. The building has been expanded ever since but carefully keeping the harmony of the entity. Don’t miss out on seeing the Washington Monument either. The marble covered Egyptian style obelisk was built as a tribute to George Washington. Another monument one shouldn’t leave out of their schedule is the Lincoln Memorial. Of course, dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, 17th American president, the sculpture is 19 feet tall.

National Air Space Museum can be found here too as well as many other museums or the Smithsonian Institution which is an educational foundation chartered by Congress in 1846. The institution maintains most of the nation's official museums and galleries in Washington, D.C. The U.S. government partially funds the Smithsonian, thus making its collections open to the public free of charge. D.C. is also a walking town, even if using the Metro or a bus, You will still get some walking done. Also, it is among the top cities considering the usage of bikes within the U.S. Washington D.C. has a variety of public transportation options that make the city extremely easy to get around without the use of a car. Trains, buses and bikes are affordable and widely used.